What are the current air quality levels in Sedona?

The below article talks about air quality in Sedona, if there are any dominant pollutants, and includes some frequently asked questions about air quality in the US. 

What are the current air quality levels in Sedona?

Air quality forecasts and patterns show us that inhabitants of Sedona experience healthy to fair conditions of air quality levels. On occasions that the air quality may reduce, it can be attributed to the increase in the concentration of particulate matter, particularly PM2.5. But patterns and analysis of air quality data in the area would show that these changes are temporary, and the city has been quick to revert back to its normal and healthy levels in air quality. 

About Sedona and its air quality 

Sedona is a city located in between the counties of Coconino and Yavapai, in Arizona. The world population review estimates that the number of inhabitants in the area would be approximately 10,396 (WPR, 2022). With a land area of 19 sq. miles, Sedona is the 45th largest city in Arizona, which is growing at a rate of 0.18% every year. The city is known for its beautiful red sandstone formations, that appear to glow in an orange-red light during sunrise and sunset. The red rock formations in Sedona have been a sight of attraction for many in the country and are a popularly visited spot, especially by fond hikers or bikers. 

Sedona is located within the interior thickets and semi-desert grasslands of the great basin conifer woodland biomes in northern Arizona. With mild winters and warm summers, rarely is it that meteorological conditions play a major role in air quality levels in the area. Whenever Sedona does experience reduced air quality levels, it is due to the increase in concentrations of particulate matter, PM2.5. This could be directly attributed to various anthropological activities including the combustion of fossil fuels, burning of wood, amongst many other activities. Further demographic details for Sedona provided by World Population Review can be viewed here

On reviewing air quality forecasts and past patterns of air quality levels in the city, it can be concluded that the city experiences fair to healthy levels of air quality for the major part of the year, with most airborne pollutants adhering to concentration guidelines that have been set down by the WHO. However, BreezoMeter does report that in the past month (January 2022), inhabitants have been exposed to more particulate matter concentrations, particularly PM2.5, than what was recommended by WHO in terms of yearly exposure guidelines. Below is a graph that denotes the levels that have been set by WHO in terms of particulate matter exposure, and a note of the levels the inhabitants of the Sedona city have been exposed to. 

Source: BreezoMeter, 2022 February 02

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): What are the air quality levels in Sedona? 

Which cities in the US have the worst air quality?

Source: IQAir. 2022, February 02

1Niland, California202
2Happy Camp, California187
3Butte, California164
4New Paltz, New York153
5Midland, North Carolina152
6Harrisburg, Pennsylvania148
7Oxford, Connecticut 148
8Praire Ridge, Washington146
9Lagunitas – Forest Knolls, California138
10Amador, California134

What are the air quality levels across Sedona today?

Source: IQAir. 2022, February 02

1East Mule Deer Road11
2Verde Valley School7
3Bear Mountain Outside3

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What are the current air quality levels in Sedona?

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