What are the air quality levels in San Jacinto?

The below article talks about air quality in San Jacinto, elements that may contribute to the air quality observed, along with some frequently asked questions about air quality in San Jacinto. 

What are the air quality levels in San Jacinto?

Weather and air quality forecasts in San Jacinto shows us that inhabitants in the area experience healthy levels of air quality, and previous air quality patterns in the area show us that for the most part, the city experiences good air quality levels, with slight variations occasionally due to increasing concentration of particulate matter, PM2.5; that may push the air quality levels to just moderate. 

About San Jacinto

San Jacinto is a city in California in Riverside County, located towards the northern end of the San Jacinto Valley. The latest demographic reports suggest that the city has a population of 51,028 (CSJ, 2021). Founded in 1870, and incorporated on April 20, 1888; San Jacinto is considered one of the oldest cities in Riverside county. Inhabited by the Native Americans originally, they came to contact with the Spanish by the 16th century, and over the years they together inhabited the coastal areas of southern California, over 50 miles of what is now known as the southern part of the Los Angeles county. 

Air Quality in San Jacinto 

San Jacinto experiences healthy levels of air quality, which means that the city stays within pollutant concentration limits as set by the WHO. On rare occasions that the city may experience a dip in its air quality, it is observed that its due to the increase in the concentration of particulate matter, particularly PM2.5. In the previous weeks, San Jacinto experienced dust storms that contributed to poorer air quality, which is not commonly seen in the area. An advisory was passed stating that the air quality at this time could be dangerous to sensitive groups of individuals including kids, senior citizens, those with chronic conditions, etc. 

Other areas besides San Jacinto that would face variations in air quality levels due to the dust storm would include Corona, Riverside, Perris, Lake Elsinore, Temecula Valley, Anza Valley, Hemet-San Jacinto Valley, Palm Desert region, San Bernardino county valley areas, and the San Gorgonio Pass Area (Ludwig A., 2022). Air quality was expected to stay at moderate levels during the following weekend, however, air quality data shows us that the San Jacinto area has been experiencing healthy levels of air quality, regardless of the nearby dust storms. 

Previous warnings of dropping air quality levels in the city were during the New Year celebrations where fireworks would be widely utilized. In order to curb the pollutants being released into the air, The south coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD) issued an advisory on a mandatory ban on wood-burning from January 1, 2022, and placed a notice on lighting firecrackers (SCV News, 2021). The use of firecrackers has been directly correlated to higher concentrations of particulate matter in the area, and city actors hoped that the advisory and notices put up would stop citizens from any activity that could create unhealthy air quality. 

According to the press release published by SCTV on 2021, December 31, below are the areas that may be directly impacted by poor air quality as mentioned in the advisory that was sent by the AQMD: 

Los Angeles County:

  • Central Los Angeles (Area 1)
  • Northwest Coastal LA County (Area 2)
  • Southwest Coastal LA County (Area 3)
  • South Coastal LA (Area 4)
  • Southeast LA County (Area 5)
  • West San Fernando Valley (Area 6)
  • East San Fernando Valley (Area 7)
  • West San Gabriel Valley (Area 8)
  • East San Gabriel Valley (Area 9)
  • Pomona-Walnut Valley (Area 10)
  • South San Gabriel Valley (Area 11)
  • South Central Los Angeles County (Area 12)
  • Santa Clarita Valley (Area 13)
  • San Gabriel Mountains (Area 15)

Orange County: 

  • Northern Orange County (Area 16)
  • Central Orange County (Area 17)
  • North Coastal Orange County (Area 18)
  • Saddleback Valley (Area 19)
  • Central Coastal Orange County (Area 20)
  • Capistrano Valley (Area 21)

Riverside County: 

  • Corona-Norco (Area 22)
  • Metropolitan Riverside County (Area 23)
  • Perris Valley (Area 24)
  • Lake Elsinore (Area 25)
  • Temecula Valley (Area 26)
  • Anza Valley (Area 27)
  • Hemet-San Jacinto Valley (Area 28)
  • San Gorgonio Pass (Area 29)

San Bernardino County: 

  • Northwest San Bernardino Valley (Area 32)
  • Southwest San Bernardino Valley (Area 33)
  • Central San Bernardino Valley (Area 34)
  • East San Bernardino Valley (Area 35)
  • West San Bernardino Mountains (Area 36)
  • Central San Bernardino Mountains (Area 37)
  • East San Bernardino Mountains (Area 38)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): What are the air quality levels in San Jacinto?

Where can I view the air quality and weather forecast for San Jacinto? 

The air quality levels and weather forecasts for San Jacinto can be found here

What cities in the US have the worst air quality levels?

Source: IQAir, 30 January 2022

1Niland, California202
2Praire Ridge, Washington185
3Happy Camp, California168
4Seeley Lake, Montana167
5Avenal, California160
6Stevensville, Montana159
7Lexington, Michigan156
8Peaceful Valley, Washington155
9Kern, California154
10Nampa, Idaho152

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