Top 3 air purifiers with oil diffusers for 2022

The below article talks about air purifiers and essential oil (aroma) diffusers, products that can provide both functions at the same time, along with some frequently asked questions about air purifiers, aroma diffusers, and air quality. 

Can an aroma diffuser improve indoor air quality? 

Aroma diffusers use essential oils to spread varying benefits such as improving mood with the help of lemon oil, reducing stress using lavender oil, boosting immune systems using peppermint oil, assisting with respiration, freshening the air within an enclosed space, eliminating unpleasant smells, etc. However, essential oils do not improve indoor air quality. While certain essential oils in minimal amounts are good, one must always be careful when using them as they can have adverse impacts on some people including inducement of allergy attacks, respiratory attacks, etc. It is said that certain essential oils could reduce indoor air quality including oregano oil, ylang-ylang oil, etc. amongst others (Aire Serv, 2020)

Top 3 air purifiers with oil diffusers – and why do you need to get it?

ProductWhy is it recommended?
Miko Air Purifier For home HEPA filter air cleaner for pets, allergies, smoke, odor elimination in large room, bedroom, etc. Can cover spaces up to 400 sq. feet. Lifetime support and a 1 year warrantyH13 air purifier accommodates multiple fan speeds, has built-in timers, increased surface area for enhanced absorption of unwanted airborne contaminants and increased air flow, 360 degree suction, filter indicators, and essential oil port. The filter is a combination of H13 medical grade filter, preliminary filter, and antibacterial filter. Capable of filtering large number of contaminants from different kinds of allergens to dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke particles, dust mites, bacteria, viruses, germs, mold spores, etc. Intake oscillators use a tornado motion to increase the device’s efficiency, and simultaneously pumps out fresh air.Airtight insulation ensures that all the air that enters the device is filtered, cleaned and pumped back into the room. Erosion protectant for a safe and durable product. An essential oil port with an easy touch control panel.Easy-to-use device with a modern design
LEVOIT Air Purifier LV-H128Desktop true HEPA air purifierCan cover an area of 161 sq. feet in 30 minutes. 3-stage filtration processes with dual sided H13 true HEPA filters.Highly sought out for its quite operations and availability of a sleep mode, especially suitable for kids rooms. Features an aroma pad which can be used with any essential oil preferred to provide stress relief and provide other benefits. Lightweight and can thus be used in varied settings. Filter indicator and a single-button control to remove the unwanted confusion in regards to purifier controls.Uses low volumes of power and can be used 24/7 without large power consumption charges. 
BONECO H300Hybrid Humidifier and Air PurifierA high performance and adjustable 3-in-1 device: humidifier, air purifier, and a diffuser. Can work as just a purifier, or humidifier. Removes various air contaminants such as allergens, pollens, odors, etc. Six performance modes with pre-sets of Auto mode, Sleep mode, and a Baby-friendly mode. Allows for optimal air flow with an aroma port, allowing users to diffuse essential oils.Easy design that uses a control knob, provides real-time humidity stats, allows for user to control the levels depending on the needs.Automatic shutdown of the device is available Parts of the drive is dishwasher or washing machine friendly, thus helps users with easy cleanup of the device. Low power consumptionThe Boneco app gives users real-time data about their device, guide on using the drive, real-time humidity data, a child safety lock, provides filter change indications, etc.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Do aroma diffusers improve indoor air quality?

What are essential oils? 

Essential oils are compounds that are extracted from plants, they are hydrophobic (which means that they do not mix in water), and captures the plant’s flavours, essence, smell, benefits, etc. Aromatic compounds in different plants have been said to be used for centuries for various purposes that touts its benefits be it medicinal or aromatherapeutic. Although, it must be observed that not much studies have been conducted on the medicinal benefits of essential oils, that would warrant its use in the manner that we do observe around us. Essential oils can be used in diffusers, in skincare, and many other ways depending on where in the world you’re. 

There are various factors to consider when you want to purchase essential oils, including understanding whether you or your pets could be allergic to them, and some oils could even be toxic for pets or kids. It is also important to understand the difference between synthetically produced essential oils that have been made using different chemicals, rather than being extracted from plants, as these can have a more serious (negative) impact on its users. If used correctly, essential oils provide a lot of benefits including stress relief, air freshening capabilities, destressing, mood boosting, can be used in homemade cleaning products to provide a cleaning, disinfecting, and fragrant solutions amongst other uses. 

Essential oils must not be confused as “natural perfumes” or “fragrences” and must under no conditions be directly applied on skin. This could lead to severe reactions including chemical burns, blisters, allergy attacks, cancerous growths, etc. It must also be noted that no essential oil is considered 100% safe, and therefore must always be used with precaution. 

How are essential oil diffusers used?

It is important to note that diffusers could have different functionalities and designs, and prior to using it, do peruse through the device guide to appropriately identify the steps to using the device. However, most electric diffusers do work on the same principle. 

  • Identify a spot with good air flow, a good electrical connection, dry space that is solid and flat, thus providing the device with a stability. If you’re placing it on a wooden table or any other porous material, do consider putting down a table cloth or a placemat to avoid any moisture sticking to the surface. Keep it away from objects that need to be protected from moisture such as books, long-term storage objects, etc. 
  • Add water (if required), make sure that it is not hard water.
  • Choose your essential oil carefully, after considering your known allergies and other influential factors. 
  • Add the oil, ONLY AFTER adding water into the device. Adding just oil to the device could damage the device and ruin its efficiency. 
  • When you’re introducing a diffuser with an essential oil, note how it affects your surroundings including any display of physical symptoms such as difficulties in breathing, skin irritations, etc. for any member of the household or common space. 
  • Follow the product manufacturers instructions for device cleaning and maintenance.

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