Philips 2-in-1 air purifier and humidifier series 3000i (Our Take)

With deteriorating indoor air quality in urban areas, indoor air purification has become a necessity. With these existing problems air purifiers have gained a lot of popularity. 

Air purifiers are devices that trap air borne particles, dust, pollen, volatile organic compounds including; paint, pesticides, household cleaning products etc. Living in poor indoor air quality  possesses several issues. The most common problems include enormous levels of dust, dampness, musty odors, etc. This results in several adverse health effects.

In that case indoor air purifiers are highlighted as a major solution to the problems related to poor indoor air quality. But the question arises which one is the best. 

So in this article we will review one such air purifier. We will discuss its specifications, we will try to fact check its efficiency and we will also share what customers have to say about it. So read the article till the end. 


What are the specifications of this product? 

Lets check the specifications of this product below:

Product name
Philips Air Purifier 

Product description
Global customer rating People have rated this product as 4.5 out of 5 stars26 reviews on philips website 96% product recommendation
Air Filtration efficiencyWith its 3-layer filtration; NanoProtect HEPA filter, active carbon filter and pre-filter it offers effective removal efficiency of 99.97% of airborne particles having particle size of 0.003 microns. These include; PM2.5, bacteria, pollen, dust, pet dander, gas and other pollutants.It is also very effective against aerosol and certain viruses and removes about  99.9% of them.

 Filtration rate 
Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) is the indicator of purification rate of an air purifier for one hour. The higher CADR, the faster the cleaning. The dirtier the room, the higher the CADR.Philips air purifier purifies the area upto 80 meter square With a CADR cleaning rate of 310 metric cubes per hour. Offers a humidification rate of upto 600ml/hr.
Connectivity This device can be easily operated through CleanHome+ app. 
Nanocloud technology The Philips air purifier/humidifier comes with a NanoCloud technology . This offers effective and quiet humidification, removes 99% bacteria.
Efficient humidificationIt produces almost nano-sized molecules of pure water vapour which offers even distribution of moisture.It’s almost impossible for bacteria and minerals to attach to them, preventing bacteria spread and white dust in your room. 
Automatic humidification with 4 setting levels Offers 4 levels of humidification It smartly senses the humidity level in the air and automatically humidifies to the desired level. You can choose 40%, 50%, 60% or 70% as your desired humidity level, and the humidifier will automatically turn on or off.
Smart sensors AeraSense sensor smartly scans the air 1000 x per second and displays air quality in your home. The display shows the level of allergens and PM2.5 in numerical form, as well as with an intuitive colour ring.
Goes through rigorous laboratory testingPhilips purifiers go through 170 mandatory and strict inspection tests before being released.They are subjected to rigorous life and durability tests. 
Offers a quiet operation with its ultra quiet modeThe sleep mode offers dim lights, and operates on low sound levels.It is certified by Quiet Mark.
2-in-1 and purifier-only modes at the touch of a buttonSwitch between 2-in-1 and purifier-only modes at the touch of a button. In automatic mode, the sensors intelligently choose the right speed for your home.
Track and control with the appWith the smart app you can monitor the air quality and control your air purifier anytime, anywhere.
Low energy consumptionThe air purifier operates on low energy consumption. It just runs on 45 Watts on its maximum setting. 
Warranty and services Philips air purifiers comes with a two year worldwide warranty

Let us fact check its working efficiency

Philips 3000i series goes through rigorous laboratory testing. So according to the company, the air purifier has gone through the following quality tests: 

  • The Philips air purifiers are CADR tested by third party according to GB/T 18801-2015
  • Ideal for Room size is calculated according to GB/T 18801-2015.
  • Humidification rate is tested by GB/T 23332 in Philips internal climate chamber, 2017, the test was done on the filter media with NaCl aerosol, classified at 3 nm according to DIN71460-1, in 2017 by a third-party test lab.
  • Bacteria reduction was tested by Shanghai Institute of Measurement and Testing Technology (SIMT) 
  • The Microbial Reduction Rate Test  was conducted at Airmid Healthgroup Ltd. 
  • Generates nano-sized water molecules, prevents spreading bacteria. These results are based on emission of the bacterium Staphylococcus Albus.
  • Prevention of spreading white dust or wet spots performed by an Independent third-party test Determination of deposition of minerals from liquid droplets on furniture, according to DIN 44973. 



What are the Customer reviews for the Philips 3000i series?

Customer reviews and ratings play a crucial role when you plan to buy a certain product. The customer reviews provide an outline about the product quality, and also outline its pros and cons. We can also compare a certain product to similar products in the same category. 

Based on certain reviews and ratings we will try to give you some insights about the product.

 Below are some outline of the amazon customer reviews:

Customer reviews Customer ratings 
Good product. Just had trouble with WIFI ****
Better than I thought. Its quiet, no wet patches ****
Efficient user friendly and effective. Helps with allergies *****
Easy to use, detects different types of pollutants ****
Excellent, helped with hay fever and asthma *****
This product has really made a difference. Noticed a difference in AQI ****
Must have if you suffer from asthma *****
Great features, works well. Helped with hay fever, cold and adds moisture during winters ****
Great features and efficient air purity. Portable and easy to use *****
Excellent purifier and humidifier. Helps with allergies, sound levels are optimum, easy to clean *****
Makes a difference. Easy to use. Keeps allergies at bay. Also helps with dry skin *****
Never had anything like this. Works well for allergies, hay fever and itchy eyes *****
The product is the best. Helps with allergies and breathing problems *****
Easy to use and quiet operation *****
Absolutely brilliant. Slept really well. Quiet operation *****
Generally excellent. WIFI can be improved ****
Poor appliance. Mobile app is terrible *
Connectivity issues otherwise good ***
Poor connectivity *

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So in this article we reviewed Philips air purifier/humidifier. We discussed its specifications, we tried  to fact check its efficiency and we also shared why customers choose it.