Molecule Air Purifier (Our Take)

Rapid urbanization has forced the people to live in congested apartments. Many people have even converted their basements into living spaces. As people spend more time indoors, this raises the problem of poor indoor air quality. The effects of these factors are much greater than that of ambient air.

Living in poor indoor air quality  possesses several issues. The most common problems include enormous levels of dust, dampness, musty odors, etc. This results in several adverse health effects.

Therefore in today’s world air purifiers have become a necessity and with this arises the question of which air purifier is the best. 

So in this article we will review one such air purifier. We will discuss its specifications, we will try to fact check its efficiency and we will also share what customers have to say about it. So read the article till the end. 

What are the specifications of this product? 

Lets check the specifications of this product below:

        Product name  Molekule Air Large Room Air Purifier with PECO Technology for Smoke, Allergens, Pollutants, Viruses, Bacteria, and Mold, Silver         Product description
Global customer ratings

Best sellers rank 
This product has been given 614 amazon global ratings and 4.4 out of 5 stars. Has been ranked #88 among amazon’s best HEPA filter air purifiers. 
Patented PECO technology Molekule air purifiers have reimagined the future of clean air. Their air purifiers are based on a patented PECO technology which not only filters but  destroys pollutants.PECO technology is said to be  effective against SARS-CoV-2 by over 99% in less than an hour.
Filtration rateThis air purifier is ideal for large rooms up to 600 sq. ft. which includes large bedrooms, living rooms & family rooms etc. With its custom airflow you can adjust the fan speed upto three levels. 
Efficiency Photo Electrochemical Oxidation (PECO) nanotechnology is efficient against certain RNA and DNA viruses like; MS2, PhiX174, VOCs, allergens, bacteria; such as staphylococcus & mold.Also efficient at capturing particles from wildfire smoke and dust. The PECO technology not only filters but also destroys the pollutants. 
Connectivity Offers an easy connectivity. This device comes with an easy-to-control touch-screen interface. You can easily connect it to the WiFi. It can also be controlled using the iPhone or Android app.
Portability Molekule air purifier is lightweight and portable. It comes with a natural leather handle, It can be easily carried and placed anywhere in the home or business.
Included components It comes with an air purifier, 1 pre filter and 1 PECO filter
Filter lifetimeThe pre-filter has a recommended lifetime of upto 3 months The PECO filter comes with a lifetime of upto 6 months.
Other variants Molekule Air also comes in other variants like; Air pro, Air, Air mini, Air mini+
Quiet operation Its lowest speed operates at 41 decibels which does not interrupt with your sleep. 


Which are the different Molekule Air series? 

Molekule Air comes in four different series. You can opt for these series as per your needs. 

For your convenience we have created a comparison chart for different  Molekule Air purifier series: 

Features Molekule Air Molekule Air pro Air MiniAir  Mini+
Area Ideal for area upto 600 sq. ft.Ideal for area upto 1000 sq. ftIdeal for 250 sq. ft of an area 250 sq. ft of an area 
Filter Consist of two filters: 1 PECO & 1 Pre-FilterHas one Multi-layer PECO-FilterHas one Multi-layer PECO-FilterHas one  Multi-layer PECO-Filter
Fan speed levelsComes with three manual speed levels Comes with two auto protect and six manual speed levels Comes with five manual speed levels Comes with an auto protect and five manual speed modes 
connectivityOffers a digital touch display and app connectivity Offers a digital touch display and app connectivity Offers touch display feature along with app connectivity Offers touch display feature along with app connectivity 
compositionThe body is made of anodized aluminium The body is made of anodized aluminium The body is made of medical grade polycarbonate The body is made of medical grade polycarbonate 

Let us fact check its working efficiency

  • Molekule air purifiers work efficiently to keep certain allergens at bay. After its use symptoms like itchy eyes, itchy throat and congested nose just goes away. It helps promote a good night’s sleep 
  • Works efficiently against VOCs, mold, bacteria and viruses. It does not  just remove the airborne particles, it destroys them completely.
  • The silent mode actually operates on very low sound levels that it hardly gets noticed. 
  • Molekule air purifiers were tested for true HEPA and CADR tests.  When operated at high settings in a large conference room the air filtration level achieved was about 61.3%, whereas Blue Pure air purifier achieved the filtration level of about 87.2% and Coway air purifier achieved a level as high as 98.9%.
  • On the medium settings Molekule Air achieved the purification level of 18%, whereas Blue Pure achieved a level of about 70.7% and Coway achieved a level as high as 87.7%.
  • And finally on the lowest setting the purification percentage was even worse, it turned out to be just 6.5% for Molekule Air.
  • However at the dark setting mode the PECO setting gets turned off and the filtration rate is only 18-21.3%.
  • And finally at auto/medium mode with PECO the filtration rate turns out to be just 18%.
  • Molekule air purifiers are very expensive, costing nearly 800$ which is very high as compared to others with the same working efficiency. 
  • Studies prove that Molekule destroys pollutants 1000x smaller than HEPA technology. 

What do Customers have to say about this product? 

Customer reviews and ratings play a crucial role when you plan to buy a certain product. The customer reviews provide an outline about the product quality, and also outline its pros and cons. We can also compare a certain product to similar products in the same category. 

Based on certain reviews and ratings we will also try to give you some insights about the product.

 Below are some outline of the amazon customer reviews: 

Positive reviews Negative reviews 
Removes odor and unwanted particles Rated 5 stars Pseudo science in a cylinder Rated 1 star 
Offers better sleep Rated 5 stars Stay away from this overpriced junkRated 1 star 
Quiet and effective air purifierRated 5 stars Mini better than the air series Rated 1 star 
Worth it. Everything the company lists seems true so far Rated 5 stars Really wanted this to work out.did not notice any change in air qualityRated 1 star 
Great modern sleek designRated 5 stars RIP off. Does not work Rated 1 star 
Worth the investment Rated 5 stars Save your money. This thing is all looks. New plastic smell isn’t going away Rated 1 star 
Perfect to clean air in classroomRated 5 stars Bad smell worse performance Rated 1 star 
First air purifier. No more sore throat. Quiet operationRated 5 star Emits a burning smell Rated 1 star 
World’s most beautiful air purifier Rated 5 stars Terrible customer serviceRated 1 star 
Good results Rated 5 stars Awful. Don’t waste money. Emits an odorRated 1 star 
Excellent air filter Rated 5 stars High price low value and more complications Rated 1 star 
No worries with pollutants Rated 5 stars Odor from outgassing plastics.Rated 1 star 
Smart technology aesthetically pleasing Rated 5 stars High pitch whine Rated 1 star 
Investment worth it Rated 5 stars Cost does not meet performance Rated 2 stars
Looks great Rated 4 stars disappointed . returning Rated 1 star 
Significant improvement in air quality Rated 5 stars Terrible smell Rated 1 star 
Removes unwanted smell from stinky dogs and particles Rated 5 stars expensive , very slow refund processRated 1 star 
Home feels crisp and clean Rated 5 stars Makes air smell smoky Rated 1 star 
It makes a huge improvement in indoor air Rated 5 stars Way too expensive for actually what it does Rated 2 stars

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So in this article we reviewed Molekule Air purifiers. We discussed its specifications, we tried to fact check its efficiency and we also shared what customers had to say about it. We hope that you found this article helpful. 

Thank you. 



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