Luminous air purifier and humidifier (Our Take)

Advances in technology have led to the creation of highly compact residential areas, which often lack sufficient air exchange and ventilation system malfunction. Thus the effect of these factors are much greater than that of ambient air.

Ever witnessed that damp and unpleasant odor in your living spaces? Living in poor indoor air quality  possesses several issues. The most common problems include enormous levels of dust, dampness, musty odors, etc. This results in several adverse health effects.

Therefore in today’s world air purifiers have become a necessity and with this arises the question of which air purifier is the best. 

So in this article we will review one such air purifier. We will discuss its specifications, we will try to fact check its efficiency and we will also share what customers have to say about it. So let’s get going!

What are the specifications of this product? 

Lets check the specifications of this product below:

          Product name 
Luminous Air Purifier and Humidifier in one, air purifier humidifier combination
        Product description 
Customer ratings Luminous air purifier has got 137 amazon global customer ratings and 3.8 out of 5 stars 
Features Offers an all season dual function. This air purifier comes with two different filters for different modes of filtration. The white filter delivers clean fresh air throughout the spring.The blue filter is ideal for winters; it also provides humidification in your home.  You can change the modes with just one click. 
Filter Efficiency It comes with a 3 stage air filtration system; the pre-filter captures large particles like pet furs and hairs.The carbon filter is highly efficient against odors. And the H13 grade HEPA filter works efficiently against minute dust and invisible small particles.The HEPA  filter offers an efficiency of 99.9% of airborne particles having a size range as small as 0.3microns.
Filtration rate This air purifier can provide an even filtration upto an area of about 100 sq ft. It is Ideal for the office, bedroom, and other small places etc. Provides a robust airflow with its BLDC motor. 
Easy operation It is very convenient to use. You just need to pour some water into the wide-open top of the unit. There’s no need to disassemble the water tank. The filters are washable And hence durable and cost effective.Can be charged with a USB charger and cable but you need to buy a charger as it’s not included in the box. ​​Easy to wash water bucket
Filtration modes The white filter is efficient at capturing minute airborne particles including dust, pet dander, smoke, and household odors. It offers a three stage air cleaning and even works efficiently against a broad range of Odors, other Airborne Pollutants Including: dust, Smoke, odors, pet dander etc.The blue filter acts as a humidifier and efficiently adds moisture to your space, improving the breathability of surrounding air. It does not produce any white dust and mist vapors etc. 
Sound levelOperates at an almost unnoticed sound level.
Included components The box includes an air purifierOne humidifier filterOne air purifier filterUSB cable and adapter needs to be brought separatelyUser manual
Best seller rank on amazon #289 among air purifiers 
LimitationThis device cannot function as an air purifier and humidifier at the same time. 


What Customers say about this product? 

Customer reviews and ratings are very important when you plan to buy a certain product. The customer reviews provides an outline as to how the product quality is, and also outlines its pros and cons. We can also compare a certain product to similar products in the same category. 

Based on certain reviews and ratings we will also try to give you some insights about the product. 

Positive reviews Negative reviews 
Unbeatable product Rated 5 stars by customer Not sure about this product Rated 3 stars by customer 
Air is noticeably freshRated 5 stars They found this item as trashRated 1 star  
Portable and compact Rated 4 stars Design is not good Rated 4 stars
Quiet air purifier best suited for small spaces Rated 3 stars Quality and functionality is generic Rated 3 stars 
Unique design, portable, not multifunctionalRated 4 starsNot worth it Rated 1 star 
Quiet operation but bright lightsRated 4 stars  Not impressed Rated 2 stars
Preferable side is air filtration side, easy assembly Rated 4 stars Not stable enough Rated 2 stars 
Very quiet operationRated 4 stars Feels very loud Rated 3 stars 
Keeps sinuses from drying while sleeping Rated 5 stars Keep the box in case of returns
Rated 1 star 
Not worth $100. Quality is so generic Rated 1 star 
Happy with the purchase Rated 5 stars 
Steam not coming out Rated 1 star 
Amazing product. Quality is sturdy. Rated 5 stars 
Louder than expected Rated 3 stars 
Decent purifier. But the humidifier leaks out Rated 3 stars 
Air is noticeably fresher Rated 5 stars 
Quiet air purifier. Best suited for small areas. It is highly pricedRated 3 stars 
Ideal for small room, not multifunctional Rated 4 stars 
Not the best design . the base of this unit unit does not lock into its place Rated 4 stars 

Let us fact check its working efficiency

  • Luminous air purifier is Ideal for small spaces.
  • The pre filter traps large particles, pet furs and hairs. 
  • Eliminates annoying odors and gases which are absorbed by the carbon filter.
  • The H13 grade of HEPA filter captures fine dust and unseen small particles 
  • The humidifier produces  exceptionally fine water vapor which is nearly invisible to maintain a healthy moisture at home. 
  • It does not produce any white dust and leaves particles in the filter, and does not evaporate back into the air.

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So in this article we reviewed luminous air purifiers. We discussed its specifications, we tried to fact check its efficiency and we also shared what customers have to say about it. We hope you found this information helpful

Thank you.