How accurate is BreezoMeter?

The below article talks about BreezoMeter, what it is, what they do, how to use it to improve your daily life, along with some frequently asked questions about air quality and BreezoMeter.

Is BreezoMeter accurate?

Yes, in comparison to other sources, BreezoMeter is a reliable source in terms of identifying the air quality index in your area. It uses varying latest development technology to produce the results we can see, as well as various cross-validation schemes and frameworks for the data they publish, to ensure efficient and accurate results. BreezoMeter is widely recognized in the climate industry and the global economic framework in providing accurate information about air quality without bias. 

About BreezoMeter 

A company founded by Ran Korber and Emil Fisher in 2014, BreezoMeter is an award-winning company that provides air quality data globally to various stakeholders ranging from global businesses to regional actors, in an effort to engage and build trustful relationships with global customers, and thus impact their daily activities, habits, and improve their overall health. 

BreezoMeter uses data collected through multiple sources using satellites, sensors, weather databases, etc., and study patterns, transportation dynamics, global influential elements, etc. The company uses innovative and diverse technology and data analytics to provide millions of its customers with the best data that is accurate and precise to their area of concern. Data provided include levels of pollutants in the area, particle pollution concentrations, air quality forecasts, and projections, etc. The air quality insights provided through BreezoMeter help citizens globally to make informed decisions about reducing the impacts of hazardous air quality levels on their healths. Their continuous monitoring framework ensures that the information provided is accurate to the time and area of concern. 

Accuracy Monitoring

BreezoMeter monitors the air quality consistently in 93+ countries hourly, to provide accurate information to its users. Accuracy is important as air quality is not a static element, and keeps changing in accordance with varying influential factors including the number of people in the area, the current weather, the number of vehicles in the area, etc. It is important to identify what we breathe in at all times, and since this is not a one-time measured element, BreezoMeter uses an hourly framework to ensure that the levels they show are accurate to the area in focus. 

Air quality data is used for various purposes from deciding on daily activities such as working out indoors or outdoors, to research, and business-related queries. In each situation, precision and accuracy of the air quality levels are important as it determines the actions that will be taken. It could be the deciding factor to whether or not an event can be held outdoors to a state proclaiming that the air quality is hazardous and that all the citizens need to take protective measures such as wearing a mask or staying indoors. 

In order to ensure that the data collected is reliable, BreezoMeter manages to compare their data to those published by each country through their governmental monitoring stations, in hopes of being able to compare any existing biases or discrepancies.

It must be observed that quite often governmental monitoring stations do not always broadcast accurate readings, as this could create an environment of instability in the country or may trigger global forces to force the country to take action. Other factors that decrease the reliability of governmental monitoring stations include that quite often they may not measure the air quality of the whole country, and rather just the area in which the monitoring station is situated at. Therefore, there might be large gaps in the data collected especially when it comes to having comprehensive data from all parts of the country. 

There might also be gaps in time from when the readings are taken. That is, governmental monitoring stations may not provide hourly data for the whole country and all its cities, and may only measure local air quality in one area once in several hours or days. Since air quality is not static in its levels and keeps changing throughout the day, the air quality levels displayed by the government monitoring station may not always be relevant to the area and time of concern. 

Therefore, the government monitoring stations cannot be relied on for accuracy of the air quality levels they publish and were never intended to be used for real-time decision-making of its citizens. 

BreezoMeter represents their data on the US AQI (the United States Air Quality Index) Scale to ensure simplicity and uniformity across all their visualizations and representations of air quality across different countries. The company’s live accuracy monitor shows its users the level of accuracy of their readings and ensures that the data provided is true to the area. 

Technologies used by the company allow for them to calculate the air quality up to a resolution of 5 meters or 16 feet, in > 93 countries, every hour. Patterns are researched and studied through government databases, traffic patterns, weather patterns, active fires and their effects, and many more. Based on these data and the analytics, various environmental models are formed to ensure superior functioning of their processes and also support citizens by increasing the transparency in their data. 

Source: BreezoMeter, n.d.

The “%” reading shows how accurate the readings taken by BreezoMeter are, with respect to other national or global monitoring stations. These percentages represent that BreezoMeter is accurate in its data analytics for the time period and area in concern and thus provides solid proof of justification for any decision made, therefore. 

The graphs in each box represent where BreezoMeter attained different readings in comparison to other monitoring stations. The graph shows the Mean Absolute Error of the readings (MAE) through the US AQI scale. As their accuracy % moves closer to 100, lower is the error they would report. BreezoMeter takes efforts to ensure the accuracy of their data by having various cross-validation strategies and frameworks, which is a continuous process that keeps running behind the scenes. 

BreezoMeter Solutions 

World Health Organization (WHO) states that air pollution kills approximately 7 million people a year and that 4.2 million of these deaths can be directly attributed to side-effects from long-term exposure to poor outdoor air quality. 91% of the world’s population lives in areas where the air quality levels exceed preposterously higher than globally set standards (BreezoMeter, n.d.). 

BreezoMeter recognizes that solutions they propose will need to cover larger areas of need and thus has made extensive efforts to stand apart from other competitors by ensuring prime accountability, efficiency, and transparency through regulatory-driven tests, frameworks, and quality assurance schemes. Through their comprehensive and all-encompassing board of experts on the company that monitor the company’s data, maintain relationships with their customers through their success experts, and ensure that solutions provided are relevant and reach the company’s objectives for their customers. BreezoMeter is a globally recognized brand that has been utilized by large companies like L’Oreal, Siemens, Blueair, Daikin, etc. among much larger names. 

Smart Indoor Air Operations 

Using the company’s intelligence systems, customers can use real-time data to improve their indoor air quality by using the information provided to take protective measures such as installing an air purifier or an HVAC system. The indoor air quality technology also helps various companies to make products that suit the needs of different households, such as air purifiers, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers, etc. 

Indoor air technology from the company coupled with environmental data and analytics, customers of BreezoMeter can curate their processes, products, and frameworks to relate to their global audience and thus improve engagement. Indoor air analytics help citizens worldwide to understand how to respond to poor air quality and what they need to do in real-time to reduce the impact it could have on them and their families. 

Some of the features BreezoMeter provides include Air Quality API (Application Programming Interface), Pollen API, Wildfire Trackers, and Weather API. They have a smart health platform that alerts their users of environmental triggers of poor air quality, approaching disasters, health recommendations, etc. The platform was created keeping in mind the holistic needs of citizens worldwide, therefore expertise on the platform covers a comprehensive range of specialties including environmental scientists, atmospheric specialists, product experts, big data experts, user journey experts, etc. 

Digital Health and Clinical Research

In a world with decreasing environmental health, it is inevitable for human health to be affected by the pollution and degradation that happens around us. BreezoMeter provides regional-level environmental intelligence data and statistics that influence citizens’ behaviours and activities with regard to the environmental concerns in their area. 

Medical professionals have to rely on patient records and other observable symptoms to diagnose illnesses and diseases, BreezoMeter creates a platform for them to ensure that they are able to pinpoint specific triggers to human health and thus be able to manage influential factors that play a major role in health through socially-related factors such as the environment and the demographics. 

In the medical field and clinical research, BreezoMeter allows for the opportunity to identify times during which environmental threats are high and when adherence to medicines need to be increased or improved, improve disease management by being able to recognise external factors that may exacerbate symptoms, engage with citizens globally and educate them about environmental health, innovate new solutions and products through increased data availability and human-centred research approach, and finally reduce the strain on healthcare systems by reducing the number of unnecessary and unsure diagnoses that may conflict with the patients’ needs and health. 

Automotive and Smart Mobility 

BreezoMeter provides an opportunity to create the reality of smart travel in healthy conditions. By creating live forecasts of air quality along with the Weather API, customers and passengers can benefit largely from improved safety measures that can be personalized depending on their needs. 

The technology allows for passengers to prep the travel vehicle and optimizes it to meet the needs of wherever we may be travelling to or even suggest a less hazardous route, prevents internal contamination by alerting to high levels of pollutants/ weather changes, and suggest healthier measures to incorporate into daily travelling to decrease exposure to poor air quality or poor weather conditions. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): How accurate is BreezoMeter? 

What is the difference in services provided between BreezoMeter and other sources?

Source: BreezoMeter, n.d.

Why does BreezoMeter show different readings in comparison to government data?

Some of the common differences in the data provided can be due to:

  • Both platforms may not be measuring the same type of pollutants or even at the same periodical intervals.
  • BreezoMeter takes hourly readings, whereas governmental stations only provide readings once every couple of hours. 
  • Differences in the scale used to display the data, and different interpretations of the same data.
  • Different countries may interpret different levels of air quality in varying levels of importance. So, BreezoMeter may not always align with the country-wise interpretation of the air quality data. 

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