Beurer 2-in 1 Air Purifier and Humidifier lr330 (Our Take)

With the pollution levels rising at alarming rates, having a purifier at your home has become a necessity. The air we inhale is laden with several invisible pollutants. Some of them are so tiny that they enter our lungs and cause many respiratory diseases. So in that case air purifiers come to our rescue. 

Air purifiers are devices which circulate the air through a set of filters and capture the microscopic particles such as dust, allergens, molds, spores, bacteria, etc, that are floating around.

But the question arises here: which air purifier is the best? 

So in this article we will tell you about one air purifier review: the Beurer 2-in-1 air purifier. In this article we will discuss its specifications, we will try to fact check its efficiency and we will also share honest customer reviews with you to let you choose the best. So let’s get going!

What are the specifications of this product? 

So first of all let’s discuss the specifications of Beurer 2-in-1 air purifier:

Air purifier: Beurer 2-in-1 air purifier

Features :  the 2-in-1 air purifier has a dual function; 

  • It works as an air purifier
  • It adds a healthy moisture to your home. 

Customer ratings: People have given this air purifier 4.5 out 5 stars and 86 reviews. 

Filter efficiency:

The Beurer air purifiers comes with a three-layered filter system which consists of 

  • Prefilter 
  • Activated carbon filter 
  • HEPA filter

These three layered filtration systems efficiently remove domestic dust, animal hair, odours, pollen, various bacteria and viruses and several harmful gases.

  • The filter efficiency is 85% 

Humidification mode:

The air purifier humidifies your place by the process of cold evaporation process which is self regulating.

  • The humidification mode also offers an ambient air humidity display.
  • The humidification levels can be adjusted manually from 40% upto the 80% level

Easy to operate and clean: 

  • The disc sets are dishwasher safe. 
  • The time function is also available 
  • This device is convenient and easy to use. You can remove the water tank to fill water and the illuminated display offers visibility even in dark. 
  • The filter change indicator reminds you to change the filter on time. 
  • Comes with an automatic switch-off for additional safety

The three speed fan levels: 

  • The fan speed can be adjusted upto three speed levels.

Cost effective: 

  • This device is energy efficient and easy on your pocket. It consumes power of 35 Watts, which means less electricity bills and more comfort.

Filtration rate:

  • The Beurer air purifiers effectively cleans a room up to an area of 35 meter square 

Quiet operation:

  • The night time mode works on almost negligible sound levels, and dim lights to offer you a peaceful sleep.

Warranty and services:

  • The product comes with a warranty of three years. 

What Customers say about this product? 

Customer reviews and ratings are very important when you plan to buy a certain product. The customer reviews provides an outline as to how the product quality is, and also outlines its pros and cons. We can also compare a certain product to similar products in the same category. 

Based on certain reviews and ratings we will also try to give you some insights about the product. 

Customer reviews Customer ratings 
Excellent product but you can’t find replacement filter Rated 5 stars 
A huge difference in air quality and helped with cough Rated 5 stars 
Love the product. Helped with allergies and offers better sleep Rated 5 stars 
Purifier for bedroom. Air quality improved in just 30 minsRated 5 stars 
Great buy helps me sleep better. Helps maintain healthy moisture while sleeping  Rated 5 stars 
Great quality air purifier. Helps with stuffy noseRated 5 stars
Quiet as advertised Rated 5 stars 
Good machine. Quiet and easy to use Rated 4 stars 
Great air purifier . offers good airflow, quiet operation and is effective for allergies.Rated 5 stars 
Peace of mind is priceless. Offers better sleep and helps with allergies Rated 5 stars 
Perfect for my daughter. Easy to use. Quiet operationRated 5 stars 
Breathing fresh and offers quiet operationRated 5 stars
It is so loud. Rated 3 stars 
Love the lightweight but powerful humidifier. Easy to use and good for skin. Rated 5 stars 
Returned it. It’s not the same as mentioned Rated 1 star 
Quiet and reliable. Appears to do a good jobRated 5 stars 
It was so easy to set up. Very quiet, and there are no filtersRated 5 stars 
This does not clean air well for this cost Rated 3 stars 
Outstanding product.Rated 5 stars 

Working efficiency of Beurer 2-in1 air purifier 

Let’s see if the Beurer 2-in1 air purifier was able to win people’s hearts: 

  • The Beurer 2-in1 air purifier Offers auto-regulating humidification of ambient air by cold evaporation. 
  • Cleans air without filter mats; highly effective against dust, pollen, animal dander, odors etc. 
  • Fans are very powerful with 3 performance levels; consumes a power of approximately 40 watts.
  • Operates on very low sound levels. 
  • Easy to maintain and simple disassembly that can be easily cleaned in a dishwasher.
  • Editor ratings given to this product is: 
  • Easy to use : 4.5 stars 
  • Comfort: 5 stars 
  • Noise level: 4.5 stars
  • Value for money: 5 stars

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So in this article we told you about the Beurer 2-in-1 air purifier. In this article we discussed its specifications, we tried to fact check its efficiency and we also shared honest customer reviews with you to let you choose the best. We hope that you found this information helpful. 

Thank you.


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